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Navigating in Woods

Who We Are

Safari Pest Solutions was founded in April 2009 just outside of Augusta, GA.  and with a passion to protect the health of families and the structures of Homes and Businesses. What began as a one-man operation in Georgia has grown to a team of professionals ready to serve all of your needs.  The name Safari literally means to hunt, secure and surround, conveying our commitment to protect you, your family and business.  We attribute our success to a simple business plan built on core values that shape our culture and guide our actions and customer commitments to ensure a flawless customer experience.  


We have a lot of respect for those who take it upon themselves to make protection a part of their way of life. Choosing Safari Pest Solutions, you are committing to protecting your home and families health from the unwanted guest's like bugs, termites and rodents. 


We also support local charities as well as organizations making every attempt to protect & rescue kids from sex slavery.

One of these organizations is: 

(O.U.R. - Operation Underground Rail Road

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