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Pest prevention

Why do you charge a start up fee for the Premier Pest Control and for the Total Home Protection?


Why do you charge a start-up fee for Safari Pest's Premier Pest and Safari Pest's Total Home Plans? Only Safari Pest offers Protection Promise, with comprehensive coverage from every single pest. To ensure a smooth transition to a Safari Pest Plan, your pest professional will spend 3-6 hours at your home on the initial visit. This includes a thorough inspection, both inside and out, to identify any existing problems or conducive conditions for future issues. Your pest pro will treat appropriately and let you know if any additional follow-up is needed. After that, your home will be covered by Safari Pest Solutions' guarantee, and you'll only pay the low monthly rate moving forward.


How does Safari Pest Solutions protect my home from termites?


To protect your home from termites, your Safari Pest Pro will strategically install Sentricon stations around your house. This uses termites' natural foraging behavior against them and ensures protection of your investment. These termite baiting stations are always active to prevent termites from reaching your home. All Safari Pest Solutions' termite plans include a lifetime termite warranty.


How often will Safari Pest Solutions

visit my home?


With Safari Pest Soltions, we will schedule a minimum of 5 preventative visits per year.  Our professional experience and industry best practices indicate that this is optimal frequency to keep your home free of every single pest. You will receive an email or text reminding you of the service before each visit. 


How much is the annual

termite renewal fee?


There is no additional annual fee with the Sentricon Termite Elimination System. The monthly payment includes all fees, and your plan includes a lifetime termite warranty.  If the structure requires a liquid treatment with Termidor Termiticide your renewal will be between $395 and $695 and all depending of the size of the structure being protected.


Does my Safari Pest Pro

ever need to come inside?


Safari literally means to Hunt, surround and secure. With Total Home Protection we make sure your home and family are protected from the outside. However, for initial visits or if you have a need for extermination, your Safari Pest Solutions Pest Pro will want to access the interior of your home. The goal is long-term pest prevention, and 99% of pests can be controlled from the exterior. Should you ever experience an unwanted guest inside, just let Safari Pest Solutions know so your pro can take care of every single pest.


I'm not interested in a plan. Can I get one-time pest control?

Yes. While our goal is to protect your home and family from pests through prevention, there are times when you just need to handle a pest problem. We do offer individual pest control services and pricing is based on the type of pest.

What are the agreement terms?

Pest control, particularly when it includes termites, is highly regulated by state and federal agencies. For this reason, contracts from most pest control companies will look similar. We've taken extra steps to make the Safari Agreement and the Termite-Only Agreement as consumer-friendly as possible within these regulations.

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