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How much of a risk are termites anyway?




Termites create a nightmare situation for homeowners as well as pose a serious risk to the structure of a home. If left unchecked, termite colonies will increase their numbers within the walls of your home while eating the wood inside the walls of your home. There are thousands of termites in a mature colony and over the course of several years can cause such significant structural damage that may require repair.  Home owners insure will not pay for damage caused by the termite.








Termite damage repair is costly

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause $5 billion in damages each year at the national level. Termites eat the wood in your home from the inside to the out causing the damaged wood to be hollowed out due to their need to feed. When compared to the costly damages that termites cause, the investment to treat for or protect the home from termites, as well as the annual inspection is far less and can give you added peace of mind. So DON'T let this happen to your home



Severe termite infestation means

higher treatment and repair costs

The longer a termite infestation goes unchecked, the more damage these hungry pests can cause to wooden structures within your home. Regular inspections can help mitigate future termite issues. Our homes are all built with dead trees, also know as termite food and we decorate other cellulose products like pictures and books.  Termite will eat anything with cellulose in it, watch the video below.






Get started with Our Basic Termite Plan

  • Annual termite inspection 

  • Continuous protection for your property

  • The Lifetime Termite Guarantee: If termites come back, so do we for the life of the home



Safari Pest's Total Home Protection

  • Includes all Basic services plus...

  • Safari will eliminate and your termite problem for as long as you keep your plan.  

  • Save an average of $1200 when you choose our Total Home Protection Plan

  • Ongoing Pest Control against all your common household pests

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